How to Teach IELTS

Everything you want to know to Teach IELTS

Supercharge your Teaching and Add IELTS on your CV
Learn to Teach IELTS with Style and Confidence
Get Insights into IELTS Writing and Speaking Assessment

The Fullest IELTS for Teachers Course ever created! I do mean it.

Closest Dates: Winter 2022

The course covers all four IELTS parts focusing on exam format, strategies and life hacks in detail.
You’ll get valuable insights into writing and speaking assessment to be able to grade your students’ speaking and writing.
You’ll learn how to teach IELTS listening, reading, writing, speaking effectively and what materials to use in your online and offline classes.
The course is really practical with take-and-use handouts, tasks and activities for you to help your students to achieve the score they want.

Who is the course for?

Teachers who are new to IELTS or haven't taught IELTS before

Teachers who have taught IELTS and would like to become IELTS Experts

Experienced Teachers who want to master IELTS assessment to grade their students’ writing and speaking

Also this Course is for:

- Teachers with a minimum language level B2 on the CEF
- IELTS teachers who want to upgrade their teaching
- Teachers who enjoy continuous professional development and want to add IELTS into their toolkit

By the end of the course you will

Be confident and well prepared to teach any IELTS students online and offline

Gain a competitive advantage and have IELTS training on your CV

Be able to help your students achieve higher scores

Be able to charge more for your quality IELTS classes

Know how to assess your students’ writing and speaking against the official band descriptors

Be able to answer all your students’ tricky questions about any IELTS-related topics

Know how to plan and teach an effective online and offline IELTS lesson

Add additional skills to your teaching toolkit to be on top of your game

Gain precious insights from a CELTA Trainer and an experienced IELTS Professional

Become a real IELTS expert

The course focuses on common difficulties teachers usually face while teaching IELTS:
- How to assess IELTS writing and speaking?
- What’s the difference between 6.5 and 7.0?
- What to do if I have no idea what score this writing is?
- How to prepare students if I haven’t taken IELTS myself?
- What to do if I don’t understand these horrid graphs?
- How to plan and teach an effective IELTS lesson?
- How to teach IELTS online?
- What IELTS games to use for my class to be more fun?
- Which IELTS book to use?
- What to do with lower levels?
The course covers IELTS Academic and General, Computer Delivered and Paper-Based test formats; teaching IELTS online and offline.

It took us more than 7 years to combine all the knowledge, experience and IELTS successes into this full course which helps you become a real IELTS Expert.

This unique course is designed to enhance your performance as an effective IELTS teacher and will guide you towards confidence in assessing your IELTS students’ writing and speaking.
We maintain high quality standards and deliver high quality input. We give you reliable and up-to-date information which has been checked with IELTS Examiners and qualified teachers.

All the materials and strategies introduced on the course have been applied to practice and proved to be effective in raising students’ IELTS scores. So, we cherry-picked the bestest best for you!

Take a look

Course Overview

Theory and Practice

The course effectively combines theory and practice for you to be able to use everything you’ve learnt in your own lessons.

Only on our course: Practical Part
At the end of the course you teach a 45-minute online lesson on any IELTS part (the other course participants act as students). You then receive qualified feedback from a Cambridge certified tutor who is also an experienced IELTS expert. This is an optional part of the course which means you can do it only if you want to.

There is sufficient recorded input which you can watch and listen at your own pace and come back to it at any moment using your smart phone or laptop
Variety: engaging webinars and videos, presentations and recorded sessions
There is also plenty of reading e.g., articles and unique materials designed by the tutor throughout their IELTS teaching experience. So, you’ll get everything which is “hands-on” and up-to-date
Online materials and hard copies you can download
Online quizzes and knowledge checks

At the end of the course you can teach an online 45-minute lesson and apply all your knowledge gained on the course into action. It’s your choice to teach or not

The course includes readymade materials to be used in your own classes

Zoom sessions are interactive and we teach you the same way we expect you to teach your students, so you can “steal” top-notch teaching ideas. Stealing in teaching is good!

You’ll discover IELTS tasks and activities through doing them yourself

Before the course you will complete full IELTS listening and reading tests and will know your score

Course Components


Homework tasks to be completed before, during and after the course

All Exam Parts

Input on all exam parts, strategies, assessment: articles, online resources, handouts etc.

Zoom Sessions

6 interactive Zoom sessions which will be recorded (on online course)

Games and Quizzes

Online games and quiz shows to check your knowledge of the material covered

Worksheets for Students

Downloadable worksheets for students to use in your classes

Exclusive chat

Exclusive WhatsApp chat where you can ask questions to the trainer and talk to your peers

Teaching Materials

Unique downloadable teaching materials

Webinars and Videos

Recorded IELTS Webinars and Videos
Watching videos and listening to recordings to assess speaking

30-day access to our massive e-library

24/7 access to the platform with all the course materials (available for 30 days after you complete the course)

Access to our massive e-library with plenty of IELTS coursebooks, audio and supplementary materials

Platform and Screenshots

All the Course Materials are on Schoology

The Course Trainer

IELTS Expert: Maria Molashenko

- IELTS Teacher since 2012
- Nile (UK) qualified IELTS Expert
- IELTS Academic: 8,5 (9.0 for Speaking)
- An experienced CELTA Trainer
- DELTA (3 Modules), NILE Certified IELTS Instructor
- IELTS Speaking for Success Podcaster
- Academic Director at an Official IELTS Test Centre for 8 years
- Maria has trained IELTS teachers for over 5 years and is a self-employed trainer
- Founder of
- IELTS Speaking for Success Podcaster

Maria's Teacher Training Career

Reviews (April-June 2021 Groups)

Online Course Programme

Next dates: Winter 2022

There are 8 units and the course lasts for 6 weeks + 4 more weeks after the course you have access to all the materials.   
All the course materials are on the online platform which you have access to.

You can cover the material at your own pace and come back to any unit when you want.
Zoom classes are live and interactive. They are recorded and you have access to the recordings of all Zoom sessions.

All classes are in English.

Week 1

IELTS ABCs, IELTS Writing part 1 + Assessment
Live Zoom Session 29.09 at 12.00-15.00
Zoom is Recorded, so you can watch when you want.

Week 2

IELTS Writing Part 2 + Assessment + Writing Part 1 Revision
Live Zoom Session 06.10 at 12.00-15.00

Week 3

IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading (Writing Assessment Revision)
Live Zoom Session 13.10 at 12.00-15.00

Week 4

IELTS Speaking + Assessment
Live Zoom Session 20.10 at 12.00-15.00

Week 5

IELTS Teaching, Games, Activities (preparing your lesson)
Live Zoom Session + lesson planning 27.10 at 12.00-15.00

Week 6

Teaching a lesson + Review all the Units
Live Zoom Session 03.11 at 12.00-15.00


All the Course materials are available to you for further studies.

How does it work

Choose the course format: online / offline / private training

Online format includes Zoom classes
Offline format includes face-to-face classes

Get access to the Course Materials

You'll get all the guidance via e-mail / chat, a video on how to use the course materials / platform + the pre-course task

Start Studying

Complete the Pre-course task and start Unit 1
- Online classes take place on Zoom
- Exclusive Chat is on WhatsApp


Next dates
Winter 2022


Theory + Practice
Sold out
  • 8 Units
  • 6 Weeks of training
  • 4 Weeks of after-training access
  • 6 Live Zoom Sessions: 18 hours
  • Zoom Sessions recordings
  • Online Platform: 50 hours
  • Teaching an Online Class
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Certificate
  • 30-day access to all the course materials upon completion
Next dates: Winter 2022


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us