IELTS Punctuation Guide

Everything you want to know to have correct punctuation in your IELTS Writing for 7.0-9.0 Score

- Where you should put commas
- Typical punctuation mistakes in IELTS Writing
- Semicolons, colons, dashes and other punctuation marks
- Examples of good punctuation in IELTS Writing

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Punctuation Basics
Does Punctuation Matter in IELTS?
What are Typical Punctuation Mistakes in IELTS Writing?
Where should you put commas?
- After Linking Words which Start a Sentence
- Before AND After the Linking Word in the middle of a Sentence
- In IF sentences (conditionals)
- Commas with Although / Even though / Despite / in spite of
- Commas with While / Whereas
- Commas with But / So / yet
- Commas with Such as / For example / For instance
- Commas with in order to /so as to / so that
- Commas with instead
- Commas with as / since
- Listing Comma
- (Expert Level) Commas with Relative Clauses (which / that)
Where should you put Apostrophes?
Full stops
Where should you put Brackets?
Exclamation marks
Question Marks
Capital Letters
Other punctuation marks
Where should you put Semicolons?
Where should you put Colons?
Where should you put Dashes?
Examples of good IELTS Writing
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