IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Studies + PDF

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Studies + PDF

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Studies

Word list on Work topic here:

Word list on Accommodation topic here:

Here are possible questions for Studies:

Speaking Part 1 - Studies

Do you work or are you a student?

Why did you choose to study this subject?

What’s the most interesting part of being a … (manager/student)?

What’s the most difficult part of being a …?

What do you like/dislike about your studies?

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Vocabulary list for a high score for Studies

I’m currently a student at …
I go to school. I’m in the 10th form/grade.
Finish school
Graduate from university (= uni)
I'm a university student.
I’m a 3rd year student at ... (name of the university)
My major is Economics.
I'm majoring in Economics.
I study Law/Economics/Management etc.
I’m an undergraduate/graduate/postgraduate student at …

I have a degree in Management
I’m studying for my Bachelor’s in Economics. I’m studying for my MA in Economics. I've got a Master’s in Management.
I hope to do a Master's degree in …
I’m thinking of doing a Master’s Degree.
I’d like to enter Cambridge University.
I'm hoping to get a student grant.
I’d like to apply for a scholarship to study medicine.
I'm doing some research into ...

Taking exams is by far the most challenging thing.
Sit exams
Do tests
Make presentations
Do research
Hand in essays
Enroll on a course
Written assignments
Course papers (курсовые)
Graduation paper (дипломная работа)
Credits (зачёты)
A thesis or dissertation
I'm writing my thesis at the moment.
Attend lectures and seminars
Lecturers and professors, tutors
University students
Classmates or Peers
Meet deadlines
It’s sometimes hard to keep up with my studies
Learn things by heart
Face-to-face classes
Distance learning
Tuition fees
Live on campus
Live in the hall of residence (общежитие)
To fall behind with my studies
A graduation ceremony


tedious (=boring)
prestigious university demanding

What else to say for a high score?

If I had more money, I’d enter … (name of the university)

I wish I could go to Oxford.

I’m in two minds about my future.

I’ve been studying … for 3 years.

Lifehack: before the exam, be sure to prepare your answers for the Work / Studies topics, because 50% of 100 that you will be discussing this topic with the examiner. You can write down the basic sentences you want to say or the words and phrases you want to remember.

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